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Many great superhero stories and spy thrillers revolve around infiltrating some organization or place and either stealing some important item or bringing the whole place down from within. Espionage and revenge scenarios work well together. The GM can create all kinds of cool gadgets, deathtraps, and world-conquering villains. The target could be a lone madman, a group of villains, or something else entirely. It could even be a foreign country or an alien invasion force.

Jim Lee's WildC.A.T.s
The "C.A.T.s" part of WildC.A.T.s used to stand for "Covert Action Teams." Seems to me that "covert action" wouldn't involve brighty-colored Spandex or openly brandishing guns and swords, though.

Or running around telling everybody how "covert" you are, for that matter.

Ever wonder if that's Zealot's underwear Grifter's using as a mask?

Infiltration work requires a certain amount of finesse -- disguise, stealth, planning, fast-talking. Simply smashing into a stronghold and trashing the place is a good way to get killed. There's a reason espionage is also referred to as "intelligence." Sooner or later, of course, the characters' cover will probably be blown, and the chases and fights can begin!

The characters learn the secret location of a supervillain's hideout/stronghold. Is this for real, or is it a trap? Even if the information is legitimate, the characters will still have to figure out some way to get in and out alive.

The characters discover a piracy or drug-smuggling ring and decide to break it up. Such gangs are best defeated from within. They also tend to have brutal initiations and require new members to commit dishonorable crimes. What will the characters do? Refusal will blow their cover; Agreement will stain the character's honor and perhaps even worse -- what if the team members are recognized for who they are, either by the gang or some victim of their crimes? Can the characters save their reputations after that kind of discovery?

Some other group has infiltrated the characters' team and is funneling information to the highest bidder. Perhaps the mole is secretly in league with someone else and deliberately screws up missions; What will the characters do when they discover this? Trust betrayed is a hard thing to rebuild... 

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